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ttdsoft Android Video Encryption Tool  

 [ for Mobile, TAB,  Smart TV, Projector ]

 -for Android - Mobile , TAB , Smart TV ,

-Projector for  SD  Card , USB & OTG drive , Internal memory of devices


  1. Audio | Video copy protection  – Your Audio | Video files [ Unlimited ] , will first copy protected ( via internet ) or we will provide encryption tool ( for yearly Plan), with the help of copyprotected android app  (size 3mb) & your Copy Protected Audio | Video files  .User can  play in Andriod Devices - Mobile | TAB | SmartTV.

  2. Send it via WhatsApp - Android App which comes with pre-loaded copy protection , only you have to put copy protected VIDEO | AUDIO  files on ( on your Googledrive | on your own server ) and send this to User via WhatsAPP

  3. Wonderful product - How To Use  || (Step 1) Your Audio | video files will first copy protected ( encrypted ) || (Step 2) We will provide copy protected Audio | Video offline Android App   ||  (Step 3) Upload your encrypted VIDEO | AUDIO file(s) on  your Google drive | on your own server  || (Step 4a) Send this offline Android App to user via WhatsApp   || (Step 5) User will download encrypted VIDEO | AUDIO  file(s)  from  your Googledrive |  your own server in his/her Andriod Devices - Mobile | TAB  [Internal memory ] or in media  SDcard | USB & OTG pendrive and start using It All Andriod device - Mobile | TAB | SmartTV || (Step 4a) Send this offline Android App  & encrypted VIDEO | AUDIO file(s) in any media SDcard | USB & OTG pendrive via courier and user will start using It in All Andriod device - Mobile | TAB | SmartTV

  4. Android Copyprotected App Binding -  Android Copyprotected App will be binded (locked ) with your user Android Devices - Mobile | TAB | SmartTV, so only your user can use this  Copyprotected App not others   

  5. Media Support - || for Andriod Mobile | TAB  - internal memory  | SDcard | OTG pendrive | pendrive with OTG cable   ||  for Andriod SmartTV - PenDrive

  6. OS support -  Android version 6.0 and later 

  7. Device Support  - All Android devices - Mobile | TAB  | SmartTV  

  8. Buy liences - When you buy no of licences we provide you activation keys for these licences  via your email

  9. Easy & Simple to use - Any Non-tech person can use this offine Android App   

  10. Files format support - Any audio | Any video file | Exmple - MPEG ,MP4 , MP3 , AVI ,etc.

  11. Paid Customization -  Android Copyprotected app comes with our logo & our company name , so your logo & company name can be put in Android Copyprotected app | Other cutomizations can done as per your requirements in Android Copyprotected App.

  12. Sale & After Sale Help - Whatsapp# +91 9810996076  to us 


ttdsoft Android Video Encryption Tool


Send it via WhatsApp

Android Copy protected App can easily send it to user via WhatsApp
User will download from any location and start using it in his/her Android mobile | TAB |Smart TV 


Any Size ( 50 MB - 1000GB )

Android Copy protected App of Any size(as per your requirement )
- from 50MB to 1000GB
Use your google drive | own server  


Fully copyprotected 

Android Copy protected App of any size is fully copy protected . just put you data in it and send it via WhatsApp
your data is fully safe , data copying is impossible by the any user .( truly – copy protected )


Anti Capturing screen
& Anti screenshot

Android Copy protected
App comes with build in
Anti Capturing screen & Anti screenshot techniq .Screen capturing & screenshot of your videos  files with the help of any software is impossible by  any user.
( truly – copy protected )


Manage - User date validation

Android Copy protected App has User date validation . The owner / admin of the Android Pen drive App can put User date validation for limited period or for  Unlimited Period.
date of expiry for each user can be set.( truly – controllable 


Manage - User/device access via blacklist 

Android Copy protected App comes with build in blacklist to stop access the user / device for accessing your videos | PDFs  in this Android Pend rive App.
( truly – controllable )


Full control of Data    

Copying data /deleting data /adding /removing data /Data date validation ,  viewing control / data /hiding these types of controls can be done of your data in Android Copy protected App.


Great Benefits - Save Money | Save Time [ if send files via your google drive | own server ]

(1) Save money - on purchasing physcial OTG PenDrive & Sending cost  via courier.
(2) Save time - on sending via courier .
(3) Instant Delivery to your user as sending via WhatsApp.


Easy usage      

The usage of ttdsoft - Audio | Video Copy protected files are very easy since no programming skill is required , it comes with the user friendly interface

How To Use -
ttdsoft Android Video Encryption Tool  
[ Video Copy Protection   for Android ]

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