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USB Copy Protection Android Win ttdsoft

for  Windows & Android

ttdsoft USB drive copy protection windows android

ttdsoft - Pen Drive USB drive , OTG drive

Copy Protection

for Android [ Mobile | TAB | Smart TV |


for Windows [ Laptop | PC ]


Know this Product

  1. Software - It is license based software which protect any type of  physical pen drive   

  2. Licenses types - two types 1) limited no of pen drives  2) Unlimited no of pen drives 

  3. OS support Windows -  Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Server 2003 64 bit, Server 2008 64 bit, as well as all other 32 bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and above. 

  4. OS support Android - Android version 6.0 and above

  5.  Files format support -Any PDF | Any video | Any Audio | Example - MPEG ,MP4 , MP3 , AVI ,PDF 

  6. Play - On both Windows based | Android based devices  

  7. Device Support -Windows Computer | Windows Laptop  |  Android mobile | Android TAB  | Android Smart TV   

  8. Buy licenses - When you buy no of licenses we provide you activation keys for these licenses  via your email

  9. Paid Customization  - Your logo & company name can put in software   | Other customizations can done as per your requirements 

  10. Easy & Simple to use - Any Non-tech person can use this software to protect pen drive 



Great feature- AntiCloning
you can't find any where

Cloning means Copying 1-to-1 of pen drives , with the help of many softwares -where image is made of your pen drive and can be copied to other pen drive
Which not possible with ttdsoft copy protection


Manage - Protection

Once CopyProtection environment is installed in your device .
The owner / admin of the device can manage protection for  Unlimited Period - this means many features of protection can be used by Admin for - FOREVER ( no-limitation)


Any Make -Any Size

ttdsoft copy protection can be done on ANY MAKE - ANY SIZE of pen drive  
Pen drive - with good brand (Ex -Scandisk , HP , Sony , Kingston etc.)
means - more protection



Once it is installed in USB drive , open and view any file in the USB drive but prohibit copy or move files to a computer, mobile, tab, SmartTV or other devices without permission of the administrator. In this way, admin owner having full right to control data in USB drive



When your files in a USB drive are protected by ttdsoft Copy Protection, it can be carried to wherever you want, and can be viewed in Computer | Laptop | Android Mobile | Android TAB | Android Smart TV


ADMIN password control

While providing ttdsoft copy protection ,required password is asked for admin , which can be changed by the Admin/owner later- in this way , Admin Owner is having full security
Please Note- forgetting password even ttdsoft support can not help you to revive the password 


Anti capturing Screen

This pen drive play video & pdf in encrypted environment where Capturing screen / snapshot not possible with any software
So your videos and Pdfs files are fully safe


Full control of Data

Copying data /deleting data /adding /removing data /Data date validation , like these many types of controls can be done of your data in ttdsoft copy protection environment


Easy usage

The usage of this software is very easy since no programming skill is required , it comes with the user friendly interface

Trial version Licence

Max no  - Maximum 7nos PenDrives | for 1 PC 
Video Files Play - 30 Sec Max | For PC Mobile TAB SmartTV  
PDF files Play - 30 Sec Max | For PC Mobile TAB SmartTV
Directory to put Videos & PDFs - demo
Anticapture Screen Recording - Yes 
Anticapture SnapShots - Yes
Date of Expiry can be set -No
Add videos & PDFs - Yes | use Button- Move demo folder
Delete videos & PDFs  - No
Used for - Checking how to use it | How it works 

 full version Licence

Max no - As many as no. of licences pucharsed | for 1 PC
Video Files Play - No limit | For PC Mobile TAB SmartTV
PDF files Play - No limit | For PC Mobile TAB SmartTV
Directory to put Videos & PDFs- files
Anticapture Screen Recording - Yes
Anticapture SnapShots - Yes
Date of Expiry can be set -Yes
Add videos & PDFs - Yes | use Button - Move files folder 
Delete videos & PDFs - Yes
Used for - It is a Full version it can be sent to your user for full uses 

Difference | Trial Version & Full Version 

International User | Prices in USD
Indian User | Price in Rs

All Our Products - non refundable

All our products are Licenses based , we sorry to say refund of money is not possible - Once you buy , you will get product ,not refund 

Test our Products - before buy 

We recommand - test our products as much as you want | ask for help | take one paid licence | before buy, so that no question arises for refund 

We want - Genuine & regular user

We believe in long team business 
so we recommend first take smaller pack check our product & services than go further 

Prices per USB drive
Small Packs

USD $ 25

10nos- Pendrives

  • Validity - Life Time

  • Support - via email or WhatsApp

  • Spl support ( if needed) -Remote Access | via Any Desk

Rs 1000

10nos- Pen drives

Pls WhatsApp for

10nos +  Pen drives

How To Use

USB Copy Protection Android Win ttdsoft

for Android [ Mobile | TAB | Smart TV |


for Windows [ Laptop | PC ]

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