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ttdsoft - ePen drive [ with copy protection ]
@ Rs 99 or $ 1.99 - for windows only

To understand more - WhatsApp or Call # +91 9810996076

  1. ePendrive (Virual Pendrive ) – It is a folder of any size (50mb to 1000 gb), when it opens in computer , works like a pen drive
  2. Send it via email - e-pendrive which comes with pre-loaded copy protection software , only you have to put data and send this to User via email
  3. Wonderful product -   How To Use                                                                                             (Step 1) We will provide copy protected ePendrive ( Any Size 50Mb to 1000Gb)                     (Step 2) Copy your data in copyprotected ePendrive                                                                                      like Videos , PDFs or other type of data                                                                           (Step 3) Send this ePendrive to user via e-mail                                                                       (Step 4) User will download ePendrive in his/her computer and start using it                                                                                                                                                                
  4. Computer Binding -  Copyprotected ePendrive will be binded(locked ) with your user computer only , so only your user can use this ePendrive not others
  5. ePendrive =Truly, Physcial pendrive  - User can transfer ePendrive from one computer to other ( pls note - at one point of time ePendrive will work in one computer only )           
  6. Licenses  -  limited no of ePendrives   [ Pay per ePendrive ]                                                                       
  7. OS support -  Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Server 2003 64 bit, Server 2008 64 bit, as well as all other 32 bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and above.                                                                                                        
  8. Device Support -Windows Computer & Windows Laptop                                                                         
  9. Buy liences - When you buy no of licences we provide you activation keys for these licences  via your email
  10. Easy & Simple to use - Any Non-tech person can use this ePendrive                                                        
  11. Files format support - Any files , Any data , Any audio ,Any video,Any image file , Flash file         Exmple - MPEG ,MP4 , MP3 , AVI ,PDF, EXCEL , DOC ,PPT, EXE etc.                                                
  12. Paid Customization - Your logo & company name can put in softwares | Other cutomizations can done as per your requirements
  13. Sale & After Sale Help - Whatsapp# +91 9810996076  to us 


Send it via email

ttdsoft ePendrive can easly send it to user via email ( using Google drive)
User will download from any location and start using it in his/her windows computer or laptop  

Any Size ( 50 MB - 1000GB )

ttdsoft ePendrive of Any size (as per your requirement )- from 50MB to 1000GB can be taked from us - it is free 
Please note - you have to purchase only license for each computer/user

Fully copyprotected 

ttdsoft ePendrive of any size is fully copyprotected . just put you data in it and send it via email 
your data is fully safe , data copying is impossible by the any user( truly – copy protected pendrive)

Great feature- AntiCloning
you can't find any where

Cloning means Copying 1-to-1 of pen drives  with the help of many softwares -where image is made of your pen drive and can be copied to other pen drive , Since it is virual drive cloning is not possible 

Manage - Protection

ttdsoft ePendrive has CopyProtection environment .The owner / admin of the ePendrive can manage protection for Unlimited Times & For Unlimited Period - this means many features of protection can be used by Admin for - FOREVER ( no-limitation)

ePendrive =Truly, Physcial  pendrive

ttdsoft ePendrive works like  physcial pendrive ,user can transfer ePendrive from one computer to other ( pls note - at one point of time ePendrive will work in one computer only )
So it works like a physcial pendrive 

Full control of Data                               

Copying data /deleting data /adding /removing data /Data date validation , Number of times viewing control /printing data /hiding these types of controls can be done of your data in ttdsoft ePendrive

Great Benefits -                             Save Money | Save Time

(1) Save money - on purchasing physcial PenDrive & Sending cost  via courier
(2) Save time - on sending via couier (3) Instant Deilvary to your user as sending via email 

Easy usage                                              

The usage of this ttdsoft ePendrive is very easy since no programming skill is required , it comes with the user friendly interface


Demo - Ask for Trial version License

+91 - 9810996076
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11am - 6pm ( monday to friday)
+91 - 9810996076 

Demo - Buy One full version License 

Buy One full version License
To understand how does this ePendrive works
how it can be used

Pay Rs 200 & get full version - PayToUs 

          Prices per ePendrive License

Limited Nos 

Per ePendrive License | Validity - Life Time

10+ Licenses

Rs                          100
  • Validity - Life Time

25+ Licenses

Rs                          90 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

50+ Licenses

Rs                          80 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

100+ Licenses

Rs                          75 per Licenses
  • Validity - Life Time

200+ Licenses

Rs                          70 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

500+ Licenses

Rs                          65 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

1000+ License

Rs                          60 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

2000+ Licenses

Rs                          55
  • Validity - Life Time

5000+ Licenses

Rs                          50 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

10,000+ Licenses

Rs                          40 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

25,000+ Licenses

Rs                          30 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

50,000+ Licenses

Rs                          20 per License
  • Validity - Life Time

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